Why Choose EWSM?

01. Expertise

Our specialists have over 15 years expertise in these sectors.  Combined with our close relationhsips with leading compliance providers in the web, social media and enterprise collaboration space.  

Partners include Hanzo, Data Prefect, Telemessage and Relativity (in process).

02. Knowledge

Based on our experience you can learn from industry best practice by leveraging our expert in-house knowledge and suite of professional partners.  Corporate knowledge and compliance ultimately comes down to internationally accepted Risk processes.  

03. Relationships & Partners

Enterprise solutions require industry leading partnerships and EWSM has built these up over many years.  When you need extra support from a third-party, EWSM is your trusted strategic partner.  We may not have all the answers but we know where and who will be able to help you.  Add to this our network will assist you to work through your process and deliver the outcome with or for you - on your terms.  

04. No Risk

The implementation of new functions often carries additional risk, even where there is a clear regulatory requirement.  Working with EWSM allows you to minimise these risks by working on a delivery option that meets your goals.  EWSM offers proof of concept support, pilot project services and bespoke solutions ideally suited to your organisation.

05. Trusted Consultancy & Advisory

Our customers trust EWSM as their strategic partner, because we want you to use the best products and solutions we are able to offer you impartial Consultancy and Advisory services as part of your programme.

Once you are ready, we have deep relationships with the leading providers in the web and social media governance and compliance areas so you can ensure you make the right choices and get value for money.

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