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Your customers use social media and expect you to do the same.  They interact with FaceBook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram constantly throughout the day.  Corporations use Social Media in two main ways, namely to communicate (outbound marketing) with new/existing customers and internally for numerous business functions.  

Numerous countries (including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and the UK) have rules concerning books of record for all business communications or state that organisations must be keep records of all communications, offer or statement to customers/markets or risk regulatory sanctions.

EWSM is experienced in supporting your compliance journey.  We offer full compliance solutions using the industry leading Hanzo Platform.  It is our firm belief that this dynamic media-rich content must be preserved natively and relying on API captures is not the best approach for most organisations.  Due to our close relationship with Hanzo, you can be assured that if you need support you will get it.





Our recent research shows about 30% of enterprise data is actually web of which the biggest contributor comes from Social Media.  Add to this that your customers read your channel and its easy to see why you need to preserve it defensibly.  


Talk to us today about how to collect this natively and dynamically. 


If you need to collect the in-app mail from Facebook for regulatory purposes - our partner ecosystem will help you meet you compliance obligations.  

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