Law Firm & eDiscovery

So as a law firm or eDiscovery vendor you already know you need to collect all data sources and potentially produce them in litigation or arbitration.  You also know that Discovery obligations vary across the globe.  

EWSM integrate with the Hanzo platform to offer highly tailored solution that all review of native content inside Relativity and now Relativity One.

Contact us for native/dynamic collections of:

Web Sites

Intranet Sites

Social Media (public)

Social Media (private and associate messaging).


  • Native playback of dynamic content

  • Full legal defensibility - gold standard legal solution in court

  • Seamless integration with Relativity - treat dynamic content as just another email / PDF, thus ensuring no impact on your review schedule....saving your customer time and money.

  • Spend less time worrying about modern web and social media and focus on winning the case (whilst ensuring you have complied with your legal obligations) 

Need some advise - No problem we can help you with that too.  Contact us below and we can meet or arrange a conference call.

Simple, elegant solutions that just work.

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