Governance & Compliance Solutions

EWSM provides enterprise grade solutions for Financial Services, Insurers, Asset Managers, eDiscovery, Law Firms, Research Groups and Government agencies/bodies.

Questions EWSM provide solutions for:

Are you required to preserve content from web or social media channels?

Do you want to capture dynamic content in native form and add it to your review e.g. within Relativity?

Do you need to perform enhanced due diligence on an individual, company or asset?

Would you like engage a consultant to advise on your best strategy for web, social media or enterprise collaboration systems?  

Are you considering running a proof of concept pilot prior to deploying new technology and want advice from experienced individuals?

If the answer is yes, to any of the above then please get in touch and arrange a time to talk through your options in confidence.

Our Services


Every year companies spend thousands of pounds/dollars on legacy technology simply to ensure old web pages remain supported.


EWSM helps companies reduce these costs by archiving old un-supported sites then allowing legacy service contacts with data centres to be exited.


Want to partner with us - offer your customers a winning solution for their legacy sites - Contact Us for more information.


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